The Global Reflections Yearbook!

Our staff's primary goal is to serve as a record keeper for the institution. We cover all the news that take place during the year from construction, events, student profiles, and current events. Not only do we feature the main campus but we also include our national and international campus locations as well. Each portion is essential to the Institute so we do our best to showcase all.


So that more students can take advantage of the yearbook, we offer a print and online edition of each book. You can purchase the printed version or view the complimentary online version. 


What's included in the print version?

  • On-campus events

  • Student profiles

  • GKTI in the news

  • Construction updates

  • Student quotes

  • Team & event photos

  • Current Graduate names

  • And more!


What's included in the online version?

  • All of the content found in the print version.


This year's book is in production. It will be completed in the summer and shipped to homes. Approximately two weeks later, it will be hosted online. We cannot wait for you to get yours! Learn how you can get involved in the book. 

*Note that a portrait of each student is not featured in the yearbook. Due to the dynamic's of GKTI's student body, we are not able to include the name/photo of each student.

Yearbooks are only $35. Please allow 6-8 weeks for the previous yearbooks to arrive to your home. The 2019-20 yearbook will be shipped in the summer of 2020 or can be picked up by the student at Global Kingdom Training Institute (MAIN CAMPUS), Administration Building during the Fall 2020 semester.