How many nights a week will I have to attend class? How long are the classes?

Classes are held a varying times montly. The time for each course will range from 2 - 4 hours.

Will childcare be offered during times that classes are in session?

Global Kingdom Training Institute has access to childcare providers. Although there is currently no agreement with our childcare providers, feel free to contact our providers directly to seek any opportunities that they may offer to assist you so that you are able to attend class.

How will I benefit from receiving a certification from GKTI?

Global Kingdom Training Institute offers certification based programs that provide bible-centered training and instruction for those seeking to pursue their God-given assignment in their local church, ministry, organization, or community. Students that graduate from GKTI will serve effectively as pastors, Christian counselors, missionaries, chaplains, teachers, business owners, and much more. Many students that attend the institute simply want to understand the Word of God and their role & calling at greater measures. GKTI believes that every leader needs to be able to maximize their leadership potential. Students who complete an education at Global Kingdom Training Institute will be spiritually & naturally equipped and enriched to effectuate change within their sphere of influence.

Is Global Kingdom Training Institute accredited?

No. We are a certification based program. However, much of our course work will be highly considered and accounted for "Life Experience Credit" at Educational Institutions. A transcript of course work completed can be provided upon request.

What if I do not have time to attend class?

GKTI highly encourages ongoing communication between students and instructors. Students are encouraged to inquire IF alternatives for course work missed exist.