Dr. ONeil Salmon is the Founder and President of Global Kingdom Training Institute, as well as the President of Christian Ministry Partnership, which proudly serves as the spiritual covering for over one hundred and thirty churches and pastors located in Africa, Asia, and the United States.  At the nucleus of his efforts is bringing biblical foundations and principles to nations that have never heard the gospel message and to develop and train pastors to effectively present the gospel message to their people. As a result of Dr. Salmon’ commitment to the transformation of nations for Christ, he regularly sends missionaries to international locations to minister and train to the needs of the people.  His ministry sponsors an Orphanage in both India and Africa caring for the daily needs of over fifty children. Dr. Salmon has also developed a partnership with Rehoboth Bible Church of India, launching the "Raising Sheep Initiative" to fund and provide support to orphans, over 30 families and to aide in proselytizing the Gospel throughout the region.


Locally, Dr. Salmon serves as the Senior Pastor of The City of Restoration in Valrico, Florida. In addition to his primary responsibility as the senior leader, Dr. Salmon actively oversees several ministries through Christian Ministry Partnership (CMP), which is designed to assist ministry leaders in the strengthening and development of their churches.  CMP also assists in the development of ministries that are not necessarily local churches in the traditional context, but which do serve for the advancement of kingdom purpose; this group also includes Christian business leaders.


Dr. Salmon is accompanied in ministry by his wife of over 22 years, Georgia Salmon.  They have 2 children, Joshua and Timothy. Dr. ONeil and Georgia believe in keeping families strong and devoting themselves to training married couples through marriage enrichment seminars, retreats and classes. All of Dr. Salmons’ focuses and hobbies outside of his ministry obligations revolve around keeping his family strong.